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Green is love


Posted on 2009.04.12 at 12:04
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Soleil d"août

Four new galleries on my website :

Posted on 2009.01.07 at 22:34
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La mésangeEt la paruline

"Shake your ass..."

A new gallery, with a lot of feathers on Essentiae.

Un parfum de lilas

New photos serie on my website, in tribute to the pretty violet colors and lovely perfume of gardens in Spring.

Green is love

Autopsie of a bunch

Posted on 2008.11.04 at 10:16
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Un peu, beaucoup, passionnément, à la folie

See the whole serie here


Essentiae 3.0

Posted on 2008.09.27 at 22:26
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3e version

I've redone my photos website, now I only need to update it more often !


Drowning mermaid

Posted on 2008.09.02 at 10:52
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La noyade de la sirène

Original sketch based on a self-portrait. Watercolor + colored pencils + acrylic on watercolor board. 13"x17"


These days

Posted on 2008.06.07 at 21:57
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Preparing to move,
packing my stuff,
changing my address everywhere,
cutting hair,
getting rid of old stuff,
taking a few pictures
and drawing a little bit.



Vector Art is Fun

Posted on 2008.05.04 at 13:19
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Small illustration for school. Done with Adobe illustrator.

petit pata-paon
(Click for a larger view)


Finally it's spring !

Posted on 2008.04.27 at 08:26
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Blue StarsFirst Flowers of the year

There's a park in town where flowers appeared before grass. Very strange, but so pretty colors among the brrown and gray of the ground.


Euh, hello

Posted on 2008.01.25 at 14:40
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I just want to say that I'm still alive. I never write here (I keep my few writings for my French blog), but I come everyday to read my Friends page. Yeah, shame on me.

Anyway, I've done a few images since last time, you can see my drawings on my newly-update-website Sugarplum and my pictures are on Essentiae.

I also have a Flickr account.

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